The Business of Getting Green

The “Green” movement is an issue of growing importance for all of us, and Geiger, a leader in the promotional products industry, is committed to sustainability in all aspects of manufacturing, from soy-based inks to waste reduction.

By offering our customers a wide variety of the most useful, interesting, and fun eco-friendly products in our industry, we are spreading the message.

Greening Your Image

And when you choose an earth-friendly promotional product, you are making a statement about your brand.

Let us help you embrace a green business model with eco-friendly promotional products. We'll help you choose the right products for your message and assist with proven strategies to get you the very best results.

Get your message out in an admirable way. Together — Let’s set ourselves apart with a positive image of products made earth friendly.

Email us or call 727-726-4333 for more information on green products.

Green Products
by Category

Bamboo products

Biodegradable products

Corn Plastic products

Hand-crank powered
flashlights and radios

Jute products

LED light products

Products made from recycled materials

Products made with natural ingredients/ materials

Organic products

Reusable products

Solar-powered products

Soy/soy protein products

Earth-friendly tips products